Rainbow Salad

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August 18, 2013 by Tammy

The beautiful thing about this salad is that you make it up based on whatever you have on hand. We always have a variety of fresh veggies, fruits, homemade beans, nuts and seeds available in our home, and we have fun throwing together different combinations for a new taste experience each time.

Rainbow Salad

Makes 2 servings

photo 3


For dressing:

-2 T olive oil
-1 T balsamic vinegar
-1 T dijon mustard
-1 T honey or maple syrup (you can omit if you don’t want a sweet dressing)

For salad:

Whatever you have on hand! For this salad, we used:
-mixed greens
-garbanzo beans
-red bell pepper
-sweet potatoes
-a sprinkling of sunflower seeds
-flaxseed meal (1 T total)
-dulse flakes (for iodine)

I love adding quinoa or other grains to salads, too.


Chop and slice your ingredients however you’d like, and toss them in a bowl. Doesn’t get much easier or healthier than that.


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